Grateful Thanks For The Life Of A Wonderful Man

In Memory of Dr James Irving Spurr

It’s been far too long.
The only doctor I have ever known in 39 years, who KNEW about M.E, amongst a phalanx of medical professionals who DIDN’T have a CLUE has passed away.

I’m shocked and devastated. I always thought I would see him again.

I began my journey of discovery through him. He took over my care privately, after diagnosis, and would never take a penny for consultations. I would be taken miles lying flat in the back of a car, and suffer deteriorations, just to see him.

He once, very kindly, said: “I’ve learned everything I know about M.E from you”.
Reading his scientific research work, I could see he was being generous, but I knew he meant that our talks explored what it was like to LIVE with ME.

One of our greatest supporters, we’ve lost a remarkable, humane, human being. A bit of diamond.


This is a quotation by ‘Patient Advocate’ from the Invest in ME Conference 2013:

“I was astonished to hear her say that she would not know how to treat an ME patient. Perhaps she should be introduced to Dr. Irving Spurr. He would tell her – treat the ME patient with compassion, with understanding. He would explain the positive benefit of real doctoring – handholding, not handwringing. This is the very thing that I cannot get for my daughter – a doctor who understands how to be a doctor and what it means.”
And still looking to help us, by donating to ME research.


Dr Irving IIMEC3

Dr Irving Spurr, Crusading GP inspired by a child’s plight – Daily Mail 22 Sep 2018


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